Friday, February 8, 2008


1. Relative posn of the region to be projected.

2. Direction of one pt to another.

3. Distance between any two pts.

4. Shape of the region.

5. Area of the region.

6. Ease and accuracy with which map can be constructed.


1. Area.
2. Direction.
3. Distance
4. Shape.
5. Scale.


It is the actual representation of the shape of the earth. It is in the shape of spherical globe compressed along the polar axis and bulging along the equator. Because of its definite shape is used for mapping and one spheroid does not fit geoid at all pts a spheroid is selected to cover a specified geographical area boundaries of which are defined by meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude.



It is defined as the systematic way in which longitudes and latitudes on the spheroid globe can be reproduced on a plane surface either for whole or part of the earth.


It is the actual representation of the shape of the earth. It is in the shape of spherical globe compressed along the polar axis and bulging along the equator. Because of its definite shape is used for mapping and one spheroid does not fit geoid at all pts a spheroid is selected to cover a specified geographical area boundaries of which are defined by meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Use of Google Earth by Armies

1. A number of nation armies with non assess to latest satellite imagery is using the Google earth software to study their enemy installations.

2. It has become a standard procedure that the enemy area Google Earth photographs are used during any briefing to get the latest update about the enemy.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Google Earth Software Update

1. After installing google earth, users have to connect to its server and depending on the area they wish to view, a request is sent to the server and the corresponding image is displayed.

2. This data is stored in the local cache of the application for subsequent viewing in a proprietary binary format.

3. By loading and replacing the files on the two cds, installed by google earth after first time initialization (authentication by google earth server), one can view imagery and place marks of most of our areas of interest without having to connect to the internet subsequently.

4. For users who have access to internet connection, this data can keep incrementing depending on the level of details they view successively till the cache size reaches 2 gb, after which, the files in the cache will keep getting replaced by the new ones.
The data on the accompanying cds includes “cache” of most of the areas along our borders, specific locations within the neighboring countries, some maps and satellite imagery downloaded and google earth place marks recently updated on 24 mar 06. User who wants higher resolution data for own cities, they can connect to the google earth server on the internet.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Google earth Utilisation in Uganda

1. Politicians in Uganda are looking to the technology to get them help rid of these geo-political boundary issues and the technology being utilised is the Google Earth.

2. One can get the best benefits from the technology but ultimately the discussions have to be undertaken across the table to make some mark. Thus their expectations from Google may be just high and they have to be realistic in their approach.

Google Earth Software Utilisation

1. Innovation has no end and similarly all those interested in going a step ahead with Google earth can utilise the same to find unknown sites which till now was the domain of archaeologists only.

2. However the said story can be also read at Aussie science mag Cosmos which is discussing the use of the satellite images by the scientists to find undiscovered cities.

Microsoft Multimap Acquisition

An interetsing article from the web which shows thee arch rival Microsoft ventures which can threaten Google Supremacy.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Can Microsoft and Google Join Hands?

1. Let us all call on both Microsoft and Google to join together and benefit from the expertise of each other as Microsoft has Virtual Earth which could be combined with Google Earth.

2. Microsoft's Bird's Eye views, quality aerial photography, and auto-generated 3D buildings can make a real difference to the Google earth software.

3. Can both the giants combine together to have a software giving the best to the world.

Improvements Google Earth Software

1. Year 2007 saw the Google Earth software being developed to extremes and the developments which have been undertaken are listed for the user benefit.

SpaceNavigator Support
Google Sky mode
Flight Simulator mode
New Imagery
New Layers
Panoramio Layer
YouTube/Flash Support
Weather Layer
KML Standard

2. The same can be utilised to get the best user experience from the software and use it for the benefit of the world community at large.

Innovative Google Earth Use

An innovative of google earth software by virtue of which Santa Claus is being tracked this Christmas.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Quality Website for Google Earth

1. I found an interesting blog giving quality inputs about the Google earth software and same is gearthblogdotcom (do remember to remove dot with actual '.')

2. The site has a detailed updates about the software and the add on's which gives a new dimension in learning of the google earth. It is no doubt a thorough researched site.

Transportation Layer Update- II

1. Google is adding new vista to the information and as one knows transportation is the life line of any country.

2. Google has enhanced graphics with better colors and lines to differentiate the different forms of travel i.e between various forms of the mode of the transport.

3. Google had taken last update for the same in in July 2006.

4. It has even gone to he extent of transportation information to include schedules and route information etc.

Remarkable Online Backgammon Experience

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Transportation Layer Update-I

1. Google earth software has taken the transportation information to a new dimension by virtue of its transportation layer update.

2. The transportation layer is also found under the "Places of Interest" layer folder.

3. The layer enables one to have the information on a number of different transportation systems like airports, rail, subway, tram, bus, waterway, and mountain Rail etc.

Google Earth Software Update- I

1. A number of changes have been carried in Google Earth software and prominent ones are listed below:

2. One can have a view of detailed roads for South Africa and Poland when one turns on the roads layer.

3. Additionally six countries namely Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland have business listings and it is one of the powerful features in Google Earth.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Poker Calculator Can Change Fortunes

1. My cousin is an addictive online poker player but keeps on losing and spoils the atmosphere of the home as he brings his loser attitude at home and is thus at conflict with his wife and kids.

2. Seeing their plight I advised him to search for a winning formula on the search engine and he gave me a call other day stating that he has started winning courtesy holdem calculator which enabled him to know the poker odds the moment any online poker table is opened. This information enabled him to dominate the opponent and force him to make them undertake tough decisions.

3. Finally my cousin adjudged the utility of poker calculator in simple words by stating that it is a must tool for all those who want to have a winning spree while playing poker online.

Monday, December 24, 2007

How to Use Google Earth Optimally?

1. One has the requisite software in form of Google Earth and now it is upto the user to get the best benefit and a few utilization techniques are listed below:

2. It is amazing to note that 1/3rd of the world is covered by high-resolution imagery by the software.

3. One can use the software for urban planning, education, disaster response and awareness and environmental activism etc to get the best results and of course the imagination has no limits.

Google Earth Tips

1. One can use button from the toolbar or by typing Ctrl-Alt-B one can hide the left side bar.

2. One can create models in SketchUp and can also build KML files and share them in the 3D Warehouse.

3. One can view the models from the 3D Warehouse in Google Earth and the new version of Google Earth (v4) has been added and it has given the ability to view texturized models.

Google Earth Tips

I am listing a few shortcuts which can be of the use for the reader.

1. Google Earth shortcuts: One can double click to zoom in, double right-click to zoom out. Double click on the zoom in button to zoom in to the maximum. Press N to recenter the view.

2. Google Local is included in Google Earth and thus one can get local results by searching for e.g. one can also search for the businesses etc.

3. One is able to get the links to web search, images search, news etc if one clicks on the pop-ups that describe a place and the search results pages open inside Google Earth.

Google Earth Recap

1. Google Maps provides a two dimensional view of the world while Google Earth provides a three dimensional view.

2. It is no dioubt that Google Earth is a geobrowser. it is like Firefox which has been associated with web browsing.

3. One can unanimously say that Google earth is a way to search the world.